June 17, 2008


I got online to my “favorite website” and started talking to guys like happens from time to time. It can be a good time waster, and occasionally there is good conversation to be had. I start talking to a guy in Lubbock. He’s nice, he’s polite, and complimentary. Our conversation carries over into text. I stay up until about 4am talking to him, losing sleep and generally being a giddy kid.


I spend most of the day on the couch watching Scrubs, and text him a couple times. That evening, after a relaxing bath, I give him a call, and we talk on the phone for four hours. I debate the whole time whether it would be wise to maybe make a surprise trip to see him. I finally make up my mind around 4.30 am.


It’s about 7.30 am when I finally arrive, addle-minded, at this apartment. He is sleepy and we both go to bed. I sleep on and off, tossing back and forth, cuddling, touch, caressing, staring at each other. Around 4 that afternoon, we both decide its time to get up. We go get Pei Wei and call it a day. I drive home, chill with friends, and think about whether or not the $50 bucks I spent on gas was worth it.



  1. So? Was it? Worth it, I mean. (and really, $50 bucks in gas doesn’t seem like such a huge outlay anymore – I can almost do that with one fill-up of my little Golf…)

  2. It’s good to be spontaneous sometimes. Sleeping in until 4pm, what’s that like? Naps at that time are great heh.

  3. Dude. Two words.

    Totally and Completely worth it.

    Ok, I lied. It’s 5 words. I was just going to say 2(Worth it), but totally and completely popped into my cranium.

    Of course, if it were a chick, it’d be Awesomly(new word) and completely worth it, but to each his own.


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