point, counterpoint

June 14, 2008

Negative: I suck at poker.

Positive: What I really mean is that I don’t get many chances to play poker, so I’m just not well very well versed in the ups and downs of it. I suppose that’s not such a bad thing, since it means I haven’t been blowing $5 a game to learn a game I won’t play except inside a certain social setting. I mean, I’m just not predisposed to poker.

Negative: I really don’t like poker.

Positive: Well, really its just that its not my favorite. I love games of all kinds, and I even like card games. It’s just that there is a certain strategy to the game that I’m not predisposed to. Of course, when it comes to most games, I have a hard time viewing the strategy, and have to really rely on the kindness of others and my own positive attitude to carry me through.

Negative: I think I’m not good at playing games.

Positive: This just isn’t true. I like to play games, and the point is often to have fun. Though I may not be one for complex stratagem, I do find enjoyment in common activity, and games are a great forum for that. Nothing beats getting together with friends to play a good game. And I’m good at word games, so its not like I have to lose that often.

Negative: I lose a lot though.

Positive: Oh, put on your big boy pants, already.


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