June 8, 2008

When I was in college, I did a bit of studying in jazz improv. I even have a nifty recording of me at a concert where I was featured. I did okay. Didn’t ever take it that seriously, but I was okay at it.

It is now summer, and I have this big ole book. Jazz Improvisation: The Goal Note Method, by Shelton Berg. It’s a pretty thorough study of how improv works and how to practice it. I figure, with all this free time I have, I’ll try to get those chops going. Who knows when I’ll find a job that will require me teach a jazz band?



  1. Besides, how much fun would you have learning? Sometimes, doing something just for the sake of doing it is reason enough, my friend….

  2. Oh pish! It’s fun in and of itself, learning or not.

  3. I love Shelly Berg!!!! Have you ever seen him play? If you ever, get a chance, you must see him. He is sooo fun to watch, especially for a white guy! 🙂 I’m from southern CA, and he teaches at USC, so he’s often performing at our local jazz clubs. Very nice guy, too.
    Have you checked out Shelly’s ChopMonster books?? They are awesome for teaching improv to younger jazz bands.

  4. You now need black skinny jeans. Let’s go shopping!

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