beat dream 6508

June 5, 2008

Dreaming up a bar tonight
Cool smoky sizzle club
with the rings around the lights
with the Marlboros burning bright
with the Kinshaw twins in the corner
Makings their bets on horses their fathers raised from foals
There are waitresses and beautiful ones
wearing trays on their arms like wings
and bringing up beautiful wines and beautiful brew
and ringing up tabs that ain’t never gonna be paid.

Mack Daw Johnson blinks at her, the blonde one, over there
thinking he might get up the nerve tonight to ask her to dance
but his wife would never approve of that
Not after the brunette, but he’s laughing up a storm with Jimbo Thatcher
who’s holding a bottle like a ballbat in his hand, and he’s dreaming he’s
Joe DiMaggio, with the big brown eyes.
Ain’t a thing to do for those gentlemen but tip your hat. They are good folk
after all.

Coming through the door is a silky leg with a silky smile
and she’s done up with all the nines you can draw on a
soggy whiskey napkin
Fan in one hand, to beat off the tight Texas heat that crawls in out of the sun
in the middle of the afternoon and don’t leave until after last call.
Other hand is her baby boy, standing dog tall now
I’ve been watching him grow for years, and she teaches him good
And he’ll be a good man one day.

Boy-o smiles at me, I wave back. He’ll be munching on greasy fries all night
while Mama scrounges up his next Daddy. Number five by now
He’ll grow to be a good man one day.

Beat my face off, he will, that Bridgey Walter. He’s no aficionado but he plays real good.
Beats those skins tough he does.
A dirty snare.
Dirtier than his upper lip
Dirtier than that bartop
dirtier than Mack Daw’s dirty fingernails
dirtier than the bells on Sunday in this little town
Ain’t no drummer like Walter. He ain’t no thang, but he plays real good, and I sure do like him.
Fits in real nice behind the old man with the trumpet. I never remember his name. He’s good too.

Drink’s gone water.
All wet and no punch.
Sit back and think up things to say to him when he gets here, cause its all gonna be
the best dream ever.
Kick back jack and let’s take it in smooth
Eat it up, small bite time, cause its all in the way it is.


One comment

  1. Jazzy somehow.

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