first mate

June 3, 2008

iPod. I live and die by what my iPod can do for me. Namely, it can save me from gouging my eyes out on long drives and help me find a good mood when I am forced to take late night walks.

Recently, my second iPod finally bit the dust. I suspect it had to do with me leaving it out in the hot car all day to have its insides cooked crispy. Now, it plays no sound unless you squeeze the bottom right corner of it as hard as you can. The sound returns crystal clear, but only until you let go, which isn’t long. And since there was a nice 15-hour bus trip to California coming up, I was not going to try and squeeze the crap of that thing anywhere near that long. So good-bye tax refund, hello iPod Touch.

I love him. He is my best friend.

While in Houston, D’s roommate hooked me up with some sweet applications and games, and now all I do is still and watch my twitter feed go by. I’ve spent more time on it in the last few days than I have on my laptop, which is saying something.

Youtube access, a DDR style game that uses the music from my personal library, downloadable copies of the Quran with audio. How sweet is this?



  1. I am a dork with my iPhone. Love it, love it, LOVE IT!

  2. It’s the dark side and I will have none of it.

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