other d

June 1, 2008

Just got back from Houston, seeing Other D, the significant other. I make this sort of trip often enough that I should know that these trips aren’t nearly as worthwhile as they seem. There is something about spending 96 consecutive hours with someone that leaves the flavor a little bland in your mouth. Hell, when I go visit Hat Boy and others back in Tejas, I rarely spend the entire them with them, and that may be only for a weekend. My mother and I rarely sit in the same room as each other for the whole day I go see her. It is no surprise that I would be tired of being with someone for 96 hours straight.

It showed when, the night before I come home, we have a very serious conversation about his views of certain things that I have have a hard time swallowing. It was a harrowing conversation and I ended up leaving the house and wandering around their neighborhood alone for nearly an hour. I roamed down to the bridge that crosses over the freeway and just watched traffic go by. It was a different kind of refreshing.

So, in the future, I may have to keep things to a shorter time limit or schedule some alone time for myself. But all in all, I had a good time. He has these eyes that go on forever, and a cute little smile. Also, he shaves his head nearly bald, and bald is sexy.

I don’t know right off if I will be seeing him sometime, soon, but hopefully so. With the job situation being what it is, and he being how he is, things could get interesting. Stay posted, I’ll try to keep you updated.


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  1. Bald is not cute.

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