sarah 51908

May 19, 2008

She once cut all her hair off but the front
Which would droop down in her face
Hiding her eyes.

It wasn’t long after we went to college
She found herself in dark corners.
And she longed for things beyond her reach
And she longed for things beyond her.
What was left after that year was hardly a girl.

Her son is speaking now, fully older than he is,
And it is a good sign that accompanied a breath of relief.
Her mother worried not at all,
And said genetics would carry them through.

Her faith flowers out, taking big gulps of air
Expelling out the hope that is her bread.
She takes it all in stride and smiles at the sun.
It is here she lives now, having moved out of the past.
It is easiest to say she is carefree, but her love is strong
So epithets like “mother” are better.



  1. I like it very much and aam even more proud to call you my friend!! 😀

  2. ^_^

  3. Beautiful!

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