heist on page 123

April 21, 2008

Again, I’m lifting this off of Chili with uncanny stealth and the daft hands of a carpenter. Don’t worry, I’ll give the hands back when I’m done with them.

It’s the Page 123 meme! Rules!
1. Thou shalt grabeth what book lay first before you. Be it from yon shelf or from yon field, take it up and brandish it with holy fire.
2. Thou shalt find the one hundredth and twenty-third page. Seek it out like a lamb seeks its mother.
3. I say unto you, thou must then center your heart upon the sentence numbered five and relish those three sentences following it. Let there only be three sentences, and for each one, let you write it down. Also for each sentence, raise an altar to the most holy and demonstrate upon it devotion to ideals most divine.
4. Amen.

So, from the Vampire: the Requiem role playing source book:
“Likewise, any objects found during the wraithly endeavor cannot be manipulated or return with the character when she finally rejoins her physical body.

A projecting vampire can potentially be barred mystically from returning to her body, or she might become lost and incapable of finding her body again. Rumors also speak of other spirits that can enter a vampire’s vacant body, stranding the Kindred as a ghost body.”

And to sidle-up along Chili‘s side, I’ll just say that, if you want to take this one, take it. Don’t let me stop you from a good time. That would just be rude of me.



  1. Oh, yours was SO much more fun than MINE!

    Verily, I say unto thee, return the daft (daft?) hands to the carpenter – he needeth them more than thou.

  2. I’d participate on this one, but the book I am reading is not worthy of a meme. It’s a craptacular one Oprah suggested and it sucks. Normally I am a fast reader. I have trudged through this one for a month now and it isn’t even that long of a book. I even watched the movie in hopes of speeding things along…newp, no luck.

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