dear alice 42008

April 20, 2008

Was it the auto-locking feature on the Spacer helmet
Or the self-recharging oxygen tank that we wanted so badly
From the Five and Dime?

Something about these antique wonders, full of future dreams
From a time when the future was as far away as Jupiter.
I’m still on Ganymede, these days.

Remember when we used to load our family’s freight cruiser down
With all the Earth rocks that managed to get scattered outside your house
Back on near Mount Olympus?

Remember how bright that red soil looked when the sun came up?
I see it clear in my mind: the long fields of hydrophonous vegetables,
Your uncle’s pasture full of bovinates?

My mother is sick. She’s been diagnosed with Yan’gh lymphoma.
She has six months on the outside, but the doctors told her
She will still be able to go on space walks outside Jefferson Station.

Long nights are the usual here on Ganymede, but you knew that.
You lived here for seven years before you moved away again.
I knew you lived here, and I kept meaning to come say hi.

It just broke my heart to know what you’d been doing all this time.
And I still don’t forgive myself for what happened to your brother.
Stay hydrated out there. I hear it gets harder and harder every month.



  1. This is so creative and sad, too!

  2. this is thought-provoking; each time i read it i am drawn into deeper images. it seems to begin quite unpretentiously, with innocence and hope, and then somehow moves into a darker and more poignant level of pain and sadness, perhaps even a ‘having to face reality’ level, but still wanting to avoid it…

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