irony? i think not.

March 22, 2008

The cousin of mine that goes to Oral Roberts University informs me today that she doesn’t get the Discovery Channel, Animal Planet, or the History Channel in her dorm. She doesn’t like this, and plans on requesting the change.

Now, here is the Wikipedia entry on Oral Roberts, founder and namesake of the university. Given how important visions and apparitions have been in the man’s life, it would seem that most of his activities and going-ons can be chalked up to misguided ideas and vulgar religiosity. Accusations aside, I think it is not any surprise that they don’t get “educational” television on campus. I wonder if they get PBS?



  1. Har har har.

  2. I can’t believe people even attend that university. I used to teach with a guy who graduated from there, and knowing him, I’m not surprised about the missing television channels at all. What a joke.

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