George Hrab

March 17, 2008

Recently, over at International Detective Dragons from Outer Space, Anim5 posted an interview over Skype with one Mr. George Hrab, musician, podcaster, and all around funny sonuvabitch. Now, I’d heard of this guy before from Skepticality where he sang a song about a fish that swims up your penis and eats you alive. Or at least I think that was him.

Anyway, while I’ve allowed Everquest to completely devour my life, I’ve been listening to this guy, and he is genuinely very hilarious. He’s making rethink things, which is sorta pissing me off, cause for once I’d like to find a set of beliefs and practices that I could stick with for more than a month at a time, but otherwise, very nice, very cool. Plus, he occasionally geeks out on the music thing on his podcast, and I get all juicy when that happens. I love music shop-talk. Totally.

So, off to CD Baby I go to purchase an album. And I do. It costs me $12.50 after shipping. This is the cheapest album I’ve ever purchased, and its probably not full of shitty pop music that I can’t relate to. Very much worth the money, I hope. And in the email from CD Baby, I get this charming little message.

Your CD has been gently taken from our CD Baby shelves with
sterilized contamination-free gloves and placed onto a satin pillow.

A team of 50 employees inspected your CD and polished it to make sure
it was in the best possible condition before mailing.

Our packing specialist from Japan lit a candle and a hush fell over
the crowd as he put your CD into the finest gold-lined box that money
can buy.

We all had a wonderful celebration afterwards and the whole party
marched down the street to the post office where the entire town of
Portland waved “Bon Voyage!” to your package, on its way to you, in
our private CD Baby jet on this day, Sunday, March 16th.

I hope you had a wonderful time shopping at CD Baby. We sure did.
Your picture is on our wall as “Customer of the Year.” We’re all
exhausted but can’t wait for you to come back to CDBABY.COM!!

Thank you, thank you, thank you!


Granted, this message is not from George Hrab, but from CD baby, but it’s just nice to know that someone cares about my purchases enough to relish it the comforts that I, too, bestow on all my things. The number of glass cases I have around here is astounding.

So, good music, good podcast, good thoughts. Oh, Geo, you sir. You. Go you.



  1. *withering look* Everquest….

  2. at least you know it came from a good home.

  3. I really like buying stuff from CDBaby…

  4. Cd Baby has been OH SO GOOD to us here at the Geologic Headquarters.

    I’m glad that you appreciate their whole vibe AND I’m glad that you enjoyed Anim5’s interview. It was a blast.

    Let me know what you think of the album…


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