modifications to diet

March 5, 2008

A diet of only clear liquids has been a taste of…well, Sisyphus knows what I’m getting at here. Everything yesterday was about food. Everyone was eating or talking about it, and the only interesting thing on TV is the Food Network. I hold that it is always the only interesting thing on TV, but what do I know? So essentially, I laid on the couch, drank apple juice and ginger ale to my little heart’s content, and wished like hell I could have something solid to munch on.

Now, since I’m a lover of food and not quite so disciplined when it comes to my health, I am officially off the clear liquid diet today. Yes, I still hurt a bit, and yes I should probably still be sucking ice cubes, but I’ve always thought a fast recovery induced more in a return to normalcy than continuity of treatment. Good thing I’m not a doctor or a nutritionist, or my middle name would be “malpractice.”

So what’s on tonights palette? Steak.



  1. Wait a minute, Derek – I’m confused. Did you HAVE the surgery?

    Seriously, Honey – the doctors know more about the mechanics of your body than you do; listen to them. No sense making your recovery LONGER by ignoring good doctor advice…

  2. Yeah dude, take it easy with yourself. Pain means something is wrong.

  3. Pretty please listen to the docs. C’mon now, I lived with one for a few years of my life and now I constantly get advice from my mother’s fellow too. Doctors are supposed to make the worst patients, not teachers. 😉

  4. Being happy is the best medicine. So is laughter. Now i’m not saying to go eat a steak … but ….

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