March 1, 2008

The calico that has taken to visiting my apartment is shy and hungry. I’d been pouring a bowl of milk for it, which quickly evaporates via kitty. It will stand on the opposite side of the alley or under a car and mew constantly. It obviously likes the attention and it obviously likes the food. It makes no bones about letting itself be seen, which makes me believe it was once owned.

It is small, mostly white with the orange and brown-black mottled mixture. It looks well fed, it looks like its been cared for. No collar, no tags. It looks young and it looks lost. It makes its rounds though, so I can’t be for sure that it isn’t actually owned  by someone else. It could be returning home each night. However, since it has only been coming around here the last few weeks, I’m skeptical that it has a home elsewhere.

I purchased some canned food for it today. I put half a can out and watched that evaporate too. The cat eats like my dogs, who are almost pigs. It crept up and started wolfing it down like it hadn’t eaten in days. If I hadn’t scared it off, it might have stayed to eat the rest of it. Hard to say.

Am I a sucker for a cute cat? Hells yes. There is someone about the cut little eyes and look at you so pitiful that turns my heart to butter. Likewise, there is something about a stuck up bitch cat roaming the house and owning everything I thought I owned that has its equal allure. It would like nice to have a pet that doesn’t want to inhabit your lap for three hours. Most of the cats I know will come sit on you for ten minutes, expect you to pet them, then disappear to their own vices again. That is the kind of pet I want. Just leave the food where they can get to it and be on call at all times and they are completely content.

Now if only they will start making such self-reliant infants…



  1. Stinky is a bit like that. I’m sort of a last result for her; she’ll come up to me on my desk, get in my face and under my arms, get loved for two minutes, and be good for hours.

  2. Heh. I can assure you – infants are WAY more work than fussy cats.

    I’ve got four cats, and none of them will sit on a lap for ANY amount of time. I think they’re too few generations from feral to really trust us, even though three of the four were born literally under our bed…

  3. Mini can be a lap kitty when she wants to be. More so if you pet her in just the right spots, she melts and flops down. It’s kinda like a purr puddle.

    Hehe, I agree with Mrs. Chili, infants are way harder to take care of than irritable kitties.

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