February 13, 2008

I nearly burned down my house.
Okay, okay, okay,  so not really, but for half a second I thought it could happen.

I like to pretend that I have magickal powers. I always liked to watch Practical Magic and The Craft, hoping that one day I’d be able to do some of the cool stuff they do there. Fly, blow flames onto candles, stir cups of coffee with my mind. That sort. The only thing I could manage to tap into that little dream was to try to wave out candle flames with my hand.

Yes, it’s just pretend. No, I can’t really do it. Yes, I’ve been doing it for the last ten years. It’s still kinda cool to think I can.

Anyway, you always tell yourself things when you try to do that’s, well, stupid. And for years I told myself I’m gonna be flipping my hand around and I’m gonna knock a candle over and burn my house down.

Surprise! That’s exactly what happened, minus the burning the house down bit. I waved my hand, and it connected with a little votive glass. The tea light flipped out of its holder and splashed down on a pair of canvas Vans I have. No fire damage done, but I did earn a nifty wax stain on my $60 shoes I don’t wear because they don’t fit the skis I have attached to my legs.

So, now I’m in the market for a nice and cheap way to get undyed wax out of canvas fabric.



  1. Start the wax on shoes trend, make millions, buy more candles.

  2. You might check home remedy sites.

  3. I’ve never tried it but I read somewhere that if you rip up a brown paper bag into big pieces and then put a piece of the bag over the waxed up canvas and then use an iron (set pretty low)on the paper, the wax will melt and be soaked up into the paper. No liability, right? Good luck!

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