February 9, 2008

It is starting to look like spring so much I’m checking my email and all outside today. Never done this before, and its been an interesting excursion in positioning the screen against the sunlight so I can actually see it.

Seasons are funny. It always seems that I’m ready for the next one just when its getting here.Winter’s coming around just about the time my bones start blooming for the cold weather coming about. Fall hits just when the air is getting too long hot and haggard. Summer comes just when the idea of being inside in the evenings becomes ludicrous. And spring, as it sneaks into the air this early February morning, is more than welcome. My skin has been dry and cold all winter, and the warmth of the sun feels like I might even start to stretch out in blossoms.

I’m very grateful for such timely season-sense. Being so wrapped up in pagan communities and activities and reading and music and books and thought for as long, seeing the seasons turn is just a reassurance that life will continue on, stress or no. Life will kick me in the butt, but at the end of the day, its just the end of the day, and things will start all over.

I believe it was one of the Ghandis that said that every night when we go to sleep, we die. And when we wake with the dawn, we are reborn.


One comment

  1. Will you send some spring my way, please? We here in New England are still FIRMLY wrapped in winter with no end in sight…

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