February 7, 2008

from deafniches

Isn’t this beautiful? The way her hands move?
I’ve long been fascinated with hand glyphs, symbols in the hands. I think they could become more meaningful than the loaded meanings of words themselves. Here is another video:

from julietma

So cute, that girl!
Wouldn’t it be lovely to be able to express yourself in such an intimate and physical way? One of the other videos I saw said that maintaining eye contact is essential in sign language, which makes sense. You really have to pay attention to catch it all. Even the slightest thing. So delicate.



  1. I think that words can be just as subtle.

    What’s interesting watching this is that they are so expressive with not just their hands but also with their faces and bodies. I wish more people were like that.

  2. What IS it with you people?! Are you TRYING to depress me?!?

    My goal was to become a teacher of the Deaf. I’ve been frustrated in almost every effort I’ve made in that direction, to the point that I’ve all but given up on that dream. For some reason, the Universe (in the form of you and about four other friends) has been reminding me of how close I got, but how far I am. Sigh….

  3. Well, if you hadn’t’ve blogged about it, I wouldn’t have gone looking for it! But seriously, Chili, what’s keeping you?

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