January 22, 2008

Comic books.

I never had the chance to get into them as a child, though now, as an adult, they are so much more expensive, its almost not worth the effort. What used to be a dollar per issue is now almost four, and the graphic novel compilations are twenty a pop, so it’s not necessarily a fruitful venture into story-telling. I’m sure that industry knows it. I hear Marvel went bankrupt back in the nineties.

Graciously, my friend who does read comic books is letting me borrow the Civil War graphic novels, which are really collections of comics pertaining to a particular story line. For those of you with no knowledge of this story, here is the breakdown: Congress gets all antsy after 9/11 and starts to question the necessity of having superheroes, who routinely act beyond the arm of the law and cause property damage, register in a database and become listed as federal employees. Pluses: this will ensure the safety of many civilians, as superheroes will still be dispatched to cities to help protect, but won’t act or be seen as vigilantes. Minuses: many of the superheroes will have to reveal their identity and compromise their anonymity and lifestyle for the sake of supposed “safety.” It causes a rift, superheroes fight one another, people start dying.

While I’m no superhero, though I may one day aspire to be one (I’m at least working on the costume), I do stand with principle regarding anonymity. I don’t know how many times I’ve heard someone conjecture that someone is gay, and had to back them down with my stand-by, “They aren’t gay until they say they are.” If you’ve ever been one of those conjecturers (as I have) then shame on you. *wags finger*

[insert comment on wiretapping here.]
[insert comment on Patriot Act here.]

That all said, there is something to stepping out into the light of things and letting the sun hit your face. I still wonder when I’m gonna have some administrator confront me on rumors of my sexual proclivities, but I figure I’d rather deal with that when it comes and not be stressed to the point of exhaustion in the meantime. And religion, the core of belief and function for so many people, should not be a point of shame or hiding.

Just sayin’.



  1. Part of the point of social justice is that your “sexual proclivities” shouldn’t be a point of interest. If MINE aren’t, then yours shouldn’t be, either.

    One of the reasons I’m such an “out” advocate is that it makes me sad and angry (and afraid) that GLBT folks have to hide a significant part of who they are from the rest of the world – and that they could face serious consequences if they are “found out.” That’s wrong – there’s just no other way to say it – and until laws and attitudes change, I’m going to keep standing up and speaking out.

    And so should everyone else with a conscience..

  2. Who puts out the comic? Sounds intresting!

  3. [Inserted comments about PA and _alleged_ wiretapping redacted by your friendly and local Big Brother. Now with CyberEyes!]

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