my friday

January 17, 2008

Mrs. Head takes off tomorrow to go to her dad’s surgery. He’s having a major back operation which could be complicated by heart issues. I’ve been here before. It’s like my grandmother’s tale from the outside.

Because of all this, I’m gonna be left to mind the shop all by my lonesome. I’m hoping…desperately hoping…the my kids will complete our little deals that we have going. Right now, both percussion classes have 45 minutes in the bank, and both are confident that they will get their free day this week. I am counting on it personally. It will make it much easier to combine those classes so I can get a lunch break.

And I love my lunch breaks.

I’ll also be in charge of all the high school classes, which will be nice, but tiring. To be honest, I’m a big wimp when it comes to working a full day. My brain peters out around two or three solid hours. Tomorrow, I’ll be taking a five hour chunk followed by a two hour chunk, and then probably have plenty to do in the evening. It’s a dire situation. Okay, not really, but it makes for good storytelling.

The odd side to all this lies in the original agreement I assumed I was under when I took this job. Ya see, it was supposed to be that I would lead the high school bands while Mrs. Head would keep her stuff at the junior high as well as all the administrative duties. Turns out that I got stuck as Junior High director while she assists me most the time. I suppose its fine: Cutting your teeth is cutting your teeth and I’ve been doing plenty of that with the pseudo ankle-bitters. However, on days like tomorrow, I usually get very intense and work very hard to squeeze every drop of time from the high school group. It’s on a high school podium I imagined myself for so long.

So, while the cat is away, the mice will play. Happy Friday to me.



  1. Just imagine, on the learning road of your life, this is one of your tests. And then go find a happy hour somewhere.

  2. You and your one-track mind.

  3. I dig the happy hour idea. C always comes up with great ideas.

    If I don’t say good luck to you before tomorrow’s “observation”, good luck dude!

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