band trip!

January 9, 2008

Though I tried to keep from nodding off, I nodded off. This is the affect bus rides have on me. I used to be this way about car trips in general, but waking up in the ditch between the interstate and the access road will cure you of such silly notions.

I’m in Albuquerque, famed “wrong turn” location for cartoon characters. It’s a city full of slow-hanging sprawl, frenetic pacing and a subtle feeling of enchantment. I like it here. I’ve considered moving here on occasion. One day, maybe; one day.

It’s a school trip. Some of our high school kids are attending the All-State Convention, and its been a good trip so far. Little confusion, which is good. I’m sitting in the concrete and tile walkway of a university building, filching wireless and trying to keep up with life on the internet. I hear its the thing to do, and I’m fully convinced of it.

So, am I having fun? You betcha! So far, I’ve discussed the flailing situation of retreating teachers in another city, talked shop with the beloved alumni of my alma mater, been assaulted into trying to change audition policies in the state, and reunited with a long lost high school friend (free hyperbole for every $5 spent! Buy now!). It’s been a good time. I’m having a good time. It’s good. Good. *nod* Good.

Talk to you tomorrow.


  1. Mr. Chili’s work often takes him to ABQ, and he’ll be spending several weeks at a stretch there on three different occasions in the spring. He tells me there’s very little draw there, and that it wouldn’t be worth my coming out with him when he goes (of course, he’ll be on an access-restricted military base, so I wouldn’t actually be WITH him if I were to go).

    Can you send pictures of the environment?

  2. I want to take pictures! However, my camera died. If I can wrangle up some lithiums, I’ll have something up today, hopefully.

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