conventional sadness

January 8, 2008

It’s 3am; I’m tossing and turning. I dream of planning out the day’s schedule of events, deciding which games we are going to be playing in, what seminars and forums to listen to. I’m sitting on the edge of the bed, between Josh and Adam. So many options, so many options.

I dream of getting ready for the day: a shower. I dream of being anxious, of being ready. I wake up. It is now 5:48. The alarm will go off at 6:00. I decide to just get up. “Love Shack” courses through my brain.

The downside of being a teacher (and this is one thing I’ve anticipated going into this) is that I won’t really be able to participate in the gaming conventions that really rock. GenCon, the largest and oldest, happens every year right in the middle of summer band or just during the first week of school. DragonCon, the biggest gaming/science/fringe culture convention, happens a mere week later. Both of these would be a dream to attend. Some 10,000+ people, wandering around looking at stuff, experiencing great gaming life, hearing lectures on all sorts of topics, and maybe even seeing a singing Tesla coil.

(note: the video is horrible, but the sounds you are hearing are actually Tesla coils.)

Alas, I will have to find some other venue to attend. Anyone know anything about Origins Convention?


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  1. Eeeeii!!! *B-52s fangirl scream*

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