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January 7, 2008

WHEREIN, the crescendo of tiny feet running across hard wood is directly proportional to the distance between here and tomorrow;

WHEREIN, the ultimate focus of the crocus flower is not to be seen but smelt;

WHEREIN, the slope of the shoulders I know I’ll one day be dying to touch comes once a year, in the bleak midwinter, clothed in the darkest velvet robes and hides in my closet, waiting for snow to bury me alive;

WHEREIN, the peace of mind at the turning of a head, the blinking of an eye, the ticking of a clock, the chirping of a bird, the honking of a horn, the shutting of a door, the wafting of a pie, the pinging of radar, the trickling of blood, the crisping of paper, the basking of sunlight, the rise and fall of the moon trains past me like bulls under capes; and

WHEREIN, the dream that tormented me last night was about beautiful gapped teeth, singing away their souls into twilights far blacker than they:

We, the self, the person, the personae, the total, the all, the complete being, the creature, the face, the hands, the body, the tongue, the spilling out of words, the laying down of swords, the taking up of hammers, the pen, the quiver, the paint and the bushel, RESOLVE, to take it up again, take it all up again, every ounce and fetal drop of quintessence that drips from the lapping maw of the growing days;

RESOLVE, to take our place as a king amongst kings;

RESOLVE, to place only the gentlest hands on the smallest bugs;

RESOLVE, to smile at children because of the children that they are;

RESOLVE, to turn into the sun at the start of morning, climb our chariot, and ride it across the sky; slay Set in his place; take our arrow where we stand;

RESOLVE, to myth our way out of paper bags and back alleys;

RESOLVE, to perspire on the doorstep of every clocking minute the sweat of responsibility;

RESOLVE, to taste full the breads of our own hands;

RESOLVE, to sustain the persistent weeds of thought; to stay the wandering roots of tubers and plantains that corrode through our nerves;

RESOLVE, to identify and categorize every born moment into those that serve the greatest good, those that will rouse the dead from our memories, and those that will shake the foundations of even the steelest of constructs;
RESOLVE, to take God down in a torrent of fire, where he and we will stand atop mesas and tree-lines, and face down the fact that one is as real as the other, and swear with bleeding hands to never cross paths again lest me become one, after all;

And in this: become human at last.



  1. Shouldn’t it be “WHEREAS”? Or am I missing something? Good stuff otherwise. Many good lines, great idea overall.

  2. it’ll be no surprise to my pals that i say this: i’m a sucker for a prose poem! this has such great images! i love the themes you explore here. … one thing i would recommend is taking some of the sections out. even they’re all nice and likable, pick only the very very best ones. (save the others to make pieces of something else another time). hope that’s helpful!

  3. I love a good prose poem, too! I could see you gaining steam as you went along! “Wherein” “Whereas” who give a shit. They both work!

  4. I’ll admit, I’m no lawyer, so I’m gonna look that up. Thanks for the great comments.

  5. Prose pom do me in! I agree both work. Good going!

    I posted a Prose poem for Writers Island. Do check my blog if you have time.

  6. Hmmm. “…eats bugs” — feels familiar to me.

    I have no complaints about this poem. I love it. It carries my like a wave.

    Thank you.

  7. Thanks for sharing!
    I love poetry, and I like bloggers who share their poems.

  8. oh this just cries out to be preformed!!! i love it!!!!!

  9. This is so great! I need to re-read it just to capture all the great words and images. I think it might be tighter with the less powerful lines taken out, but where to begin? They are all powerful. (and I hate editing!) Thanks for this!

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