further steps

January 6, 2008

I may have fallen in love.

Feedreader. I gots one now. I’ve never been big on the idea of having any sort of feed collection device, as I thought it fun to sort through all the websites, one by one, finding out who has posted, who hasn’t, day by day. This, after so many months, has become a slog that is mostly not happening anymore.

I check a few of my normals at least once a day. Most of them, I check about once a week, twice a week. Even my webcomics, which I was checking daily, sometimes twice daily, have gone largely ignored until I was feeling a need to look at them. Call it something of a calm, but there isn’t such a dire need to refresh, click, refresh, search, click, refresh.

With this new fangled device, I can sit here and watch the new postings roll in, one by one. I was pleasantly surprised to see, after clicking the refresh button, that several blogs had updated during the hour that I was away from my computer. It’s nice to see the world revolve beyond you.

That said, I’m staring at a blog by Chris over at Unquiet Desperation where he’s talking about the next phase in podcasting in his life. Here I am, downloading podcasts that I’ve never considered listening to, like Hardcore History, Thelema Coast to Coast, and Alchemically Braindamaged. One of these is quite new; one is just going off the “air;” one is continuing down a path long traveled already. Sustenance, birth, death. All the themes of life, wrapped up nicely in this world of virtuality.

Really, any way you look at it, its just another batch of information that needs analyzing. Break it down and chew, baby.



  1. Well said, sir. Well said. 🙂

  2. I was turned on to Google Reader months ago, when I put out a request on my blog asking if anyone knew a way that I could STOP obsessively checking in with everyone’s blogs. I do love it.

    I’m almost afraid to ask; what’s “Hardcore History?”

  3. Hardcore History is a podcast about history by this guy, Dan Carlin, who describes himself not as a history professional, but a history fan. He gets in deep with some subjects, and its all very entertaining. One episode he’s discussing why Nazis are so fascinating; the next, he’s discussing something called the Macedonian Soap Opera. If anything in you is interested in history, then you’ll probably really like this.

  4. Welcome to the quicker way of checking blogs. 😛

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