contemplative saturday

January 5, 2008

“The downside to human nature is that we are innately, always, of at least two minds.

Often we find ourselves stuck in the social situation that would ask us both to run for fear of safety, or stay for fear of missing something amazing or terrifying.

We love for fear of being alone, and alienate for fear of being found out.

We taste the great joys of the world out of lust, but wish to purify ourselves for fear of contamination with unholy prospect.

Often we find ourselves drowning in doubt, questioning the world over and over, turning the cards, always looking for the rouse. However, often we find out that the doubt resided not in the world, but in ourselves.

We are educated, read books, watch the world, and discover things, and find that fascination leads to de-mystification. But to turn and run: heresy.

We, as humans, are always of two minds. Even to admit as much makes me want to run and hide under my bed, though I know the window shades are being pulled open, even now.”

–Anatole Bertucci



  1. The man makes great pizza…

  2. Thus I am a fruit of two minds

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