25 things of which i never grow tired

January 3, 2008

Stealing this from Schmutzie at Milk Money or Not….

1. Poetry: I don’t think I’ve started to develop this love until recently, but I’ve always loved writing it. Now, more so than ever.

2. Puppies. No joke.

3. Chocolate milk. There are few pleasures in the world the rival it, and it is my constant nightcap. I’ve only ever had a class of plain boring white milk twice in my life where I had a choice, and that was enough to convert me to the deliciousness of choco-dairy goodness forever and ever, amen.

4. Gaming. Video games, board games, card games, tabletop, internet-based, massive multiplayer onlines, you name it, I’ve played it, and loved it. I love games and find its a great way to expand the brain, meet cool people, and have fun with friends. What else does one need in life.

5. Food. Oh, I guess there is that.

6. Cloudy skies. Something about a low hanging ceiling gets me inspired. Those are my favorite days. I love them on the weekends.

7. Walks in the dead of night.

8. Winter. I’m always ready for it, and always satisfied with it when its time for it to go, and I know I’ll be ready again the next year.

9. The Hatted One. He’s the best laugh I’ve had in a long time, and when I get to visit him, its always a blast.

10. Warm baths.

11. Wine.

12. The $12 CD I bought at Target called “Inspiration.” It’s one of those cheesy new-agey music mixes, except this one has great music on it, and it always makes me feel relaxed and positive.

13. Enya. Same reasons.

14. Brownies. This is the third food-like item on this list.

15. Pilot medium ballpoint pens. None better. A close second is the Bic Atlantis.

16. Checking email, refreshing the blog, checking for IMs. It’s my one OCD thing.

17. Firefly/Serenity. I’ve watched the whole TV show at least three times, and the movie five or six. I’m not like this with any other TV show or movie, and I’m not even that fanatical about it. Go Browncoats! I’m about to start running a Serenity campaign.

18. Cold coffee drinks. Even in the dead of winter.

19. Podcasts. I’ve been listening to podcasts for over two years now, and while my tastes have changed over time, my intake of information has only weened since I took a full-time job. So many interesting things to learn about.

20. Staying up late. No matter how hard I try, I just like being up late. All the weirdos come out at night, and those are my peeps.

21. Alone time everyday.

22. Open sunlight.

23. Percy Grainger compositions

24. Eric Whitacre compositions

25. Dreams where I am flying. I’ve done it so many ways I can’t count them all, but these are the dreams I wish I could never wake up from. If I had to choose one superpower for the rest of my natural life, it would be flying hands down, with a close second being teleportation.



  1. Oh, I forgot how much I love walks in the dead of night, especially when it’s really still. It has been forever since I’ve done that.

  2. I’m fond of lists. Mind if I boost?

  3. You boost away, Chili!

    Schmutzie, the stiller the better. Actually, the colder, the better, too.

  4. Great list, minus the winter. Winter = Yucky. At least here in Denver 🙂 I don’t mind them, but I’m not sure it’d make my list of top 25 things I’d never grow tired of.

    Walks. I love walks. Especially at night, even more so with a person that makes your hear beat out of your chest. My favorite kind …

    Hehe, your night time peeps. I may steal this as well …

  5. .. oh, and I didn’t know you teach. Where do you teach at these days?


  6. I’m in p-ville, mate…teaching band.

  7. […] The Blue Door « I’m Not Answering the Phone 25 Things of Which I Never Grow Tired January 6, 2008 Boosted, without shame but with permission, from EatsBugs. […]

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