christmas the second: down and dirty

December 25, 2007

Sure, I broke into some sweet stuff last night, and sure, I’ve pretty much absorbed myself in that stuff, but I did get up and help cook a pretty amazing meal. Being that my grandmother passed away not but a few months ago, it seemed quite important to my mother and my grandfather to make this year’s Christmas Dinner be as close to the usual thing as possible. Understandably so: this year has been full of much change.

My mother is now in her third domicile for the year.
My grandfather has experienced both tremendous grief and utmost joy.
I have taken my first career position.
I have moved three times, myself.
My brother has started his trek toward fatherhood.

Generally, this year has been a rollercoaster. Though, I will admit, when does life ever actually slow down? I keep hearing people say, “well, it will slow down one of these days,” and I think, “no, it won’t; don’t be naive.” It’s a great thing that life doesn’t really slow. There is so much to do as is, why would you want it to slack up any?

My brother was stranded in the middle of Texas today, so my mother and grandfather went off to find him. This is allegory at its most familial.

The dogs are sleeping quite loudly on the couch, which is disheartening because they didn’t sleep at all last night, and might not tonight either.

I can’t quite figure out how to establish armies as quickly as my opponents in my new video game.

It took me nearly tossing my new camera across the room to figure out how to turn it on.

Tomorrow, I’m having coffee with someone I’ve never met and will likely not see again.

I will wish one of my best friends good luck on her way to Costa Rica in less than a week.

I will have to finish detailing how I’m going to save my career in less than two weeks.

And as the old grandfather clock my grandfather’s wife brought here bongs out the hour, I’m reminded that time runs in the same direction, at the same speed, and everything that happens, happens. The best we can do is deal with it and move on. These are lessons I’ve learned from my family.

My cousin bought a journal for my grandfather to record his wisdoms in. She’s a thoughtful girl.

Picture time!



  1. I want some pie – stat.

  2. Cute mug…

  3. Pie looks delicious! A little whip cream would top it off 😉 …

    I never thought of it that way but your right. Time moves in the same direction at the same time for everybody and everything. Sometimes I sit and stare and think the clock moves backwards in my delusional cross eyed gaze.

    If only I were that lucky …

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