christmas the first point fifth: intercalary chapter

December 25, 2007

My legs are cramping as I write this, but it is beyond need for me to get this down before I explode:

I know own a digital camera. Want proof?


These are my puppies, Tosha and Tina. Aren’t they adorable? They would tell you as much.

To my left, an eight foot Christmas tree. To my right, a fireplace, cold in this warm Texas winter. Before me, my mother, talking about falling down a set of stairs. In my lap, my laptop (appropos, non?) and inside that, my new video game, Civilization IV Gold Edition. It’s pretty sweet, I must admit.

I also got an amazingly gorgeous bedroom ensemble (sheets, shams, and spreads, oh my!) so I’m thinking I made off pretty good this Christmas. This is the part of my kid-self that screams, “I want stuff! Yay stuff!”



  1. Oh snaps! Pictures!

  2. Happy Christmas, my friend!

  3. Merry Christmas dude.

  4. *luffs on Tosha and Tina* Man, I miss those pooches! Glad ya had a good Christmas!

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