December 24, 2007

You know, our band has a handbook.

Here I am, stressing over the redesign of a program, and all I really need to do is consult the handbook. If I’d remembered to bring it with me on my trip to my mother’s, I would be better off.  The handbook has a lot of answers in it.

Granted, I would not be able to put together lesson plans or grade schedules or test materials based solely on the handbook, but, by god, it would make it a whole sight easier.

Now,  as analysis, I must say that this is a problem I have. I never take into perspective that there was life before me. I guess I get caught up in my existential-esque thought patterns, hoping to pinpoint the moment I arrive and what I did to get there. Trying to reinvent the wheel every time I arrive on a new doorstep is hardly the way to do things.

I get an elective office, I try and restructure it.
I get a new job, I try and reorganize it.
I get a new place, I try and redesign it.
It’s as if I assume that there was nothing going on before I got there. So, with this in mind, I reapproach the original questions I have to answer for my little dilemma:

How do I better interact with the students?
How do I change the environment of the classroom to be more safe and fun?
How do I interact with parents in a way that leads to positive support for the program?

If I would consult the handbook, I will see that, not only will I have a platform on which to base my interactions with students (supplemented by the lovely texts I’ve been reading), but I will also have an outline of the expectations of the students and what I should do to change the environment of the classroom. Doesn’t that sound simple?!

Geez, dude, you need to stop working so hard and start paying attention more.


One comment

  1. Yes, all this is true. However – please don’t forget that classroom management isn’t about the rules written down in a book or on a contract: it’s about the expectations that YOU bring to your environment. Having the handbook IS a great foundation upon which to build, but you’ve gotta bring your game in order to play…

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