christmas the first

December 21, 2007

It’s the first of two Christmas’s here at my grandfather’s house. My mother’s family is gathered around, and we are watching the Patrick Stewart version of A Christmas Carol. It is quiet here.

Hours before, we were all a-joy, passing gifts back and forth, sharing old jokes, making new ones. It was a good time. Popa’s new wife was quite cordial, pleasant, happy. She is a wonderful woman, she is a blessed spirit in this house that should rightly be quite somber.

My cousin sits next to me, reading The Screwtape Letters. My mother sits next to me, reading the backs of her eyelids. My aunt and uncle are milling about in their heads on the other side of the room. This is a quiet evening, and it is welcome.



  1. Sounds like just what you need.

    I LOVE the Stewart Christmas Carol (though that Topper fellow gives me the creeps)

  2. *hugs* Glad that you are having a relaxing break. Merry Christmas, dear. 🙂

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