regina 121307

December 14, 2007

This one is for the Read.Write.Poem. prompt.

Ordinary girls don’t make good memories in parking lots
Dressed like Winter in June, at night.
Ordinary girls don’t cut up pantyhose to make fairy wings
Ordinary girls don’t sit like prayer stones over books.

She is shaped like all the friendship I could muster.
What love could not come from arguing over nothing?
Tossing all hostility out

the car window,
when we sing together;

over bowls of home-loved potato soup.
Ordinary boys can’t stay friends over seas
When friends go to speak God to natives.

I thought about her today and mailed her a picture of herself
Where she is smiling. She says she loves me.
I make a silly joke: her love is misguided, but smacks of it enough I don’t care.
I could only be joking. She is mine by phone or post.

What love could not be true when she smiles?



  1. This is BEAUTIFUL! “She is shaped like all the friendship I could muster.” What a gorgeous line!

    Can I use this in my next term’s lit. class? Please?

  2. Why yes, of course you may!

  3. THis is Beautiful!! To coin the phrase. I like it all!!!

  4. Hey D,

    Come holla at a gurl. Haven’t heard from you in a bit. Like what you do.

  5. I think the line linking reading to praying (which in my mind automatically translates to reverence) is my favorite – but then, that’s pretty typical, no? But I think the best part about this is how you manage to make the reader – i.e. me – like this girl without having the foggiest idea who she is.

    And no, I’m not sure which huge project to which you refer, but if you remind me of the subject matter I bet I can find old scribbles I did on it.

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