December 8, 2007

It almost didn’t happen. He’s a full-time martial arts instructor, which isn’t worth much in this area. He lives with his family, and shares a good deal of responsibility for the child of the household. He didn’t have any money, and was gonna take me to dinner and everything. If I hadn’t offered to cover it all, we wouldn’t have been able to go out.

It was an arduous task just finding his house. Were he better at giving directions and were I better at knowing C-town, I would have had no problem at all. Also, let it be known that text messaging is a laborious way of talking to each other, especially when you are lost in the dark.

Dinner: Super Salads, an all salad bar restaurant. I really don’t like salad all that much, but I’ll say that that place isnt half bad. I’d even recommend it.

Movie: August Rush

If you do one more thing before the year is over, go see this movie. I’ll give you the premise: A child with an insatiable talent and need for music wanders into the world to find the mother and father he’s never known. A mother searches for her child, lost since birth. A man searches for the woman he spent one life-changing life with. There is heart-rendering dialogue, gut-tearing antics, and life-ripping music. I’m not the kind to advertise for wealthy people, but you won’t be able to stay dry in this movie. Go see it. Buy the soundtrack. Buy it when it comes on DVD. Now. Why are you still reading this?

Anyway, he’s the kind of guy that shakes his fist and screams at the movie screen, so I can handle that. I actually admire it a bit. He was making all sorts of silent hand affirmations to the characters as though they should be able to hear or see him. I do that, I think to myself.

It was a good night. His lips tasted only like the remnants of carmex. I can deal with that.



  1. We have a Super Salads up there?

    Wait…A date! *slaps hand on forehead*

  2. YAY! Let us know if there’s another date.

    I’ve wanted to see August Rush ever since I first saw the preview for it months and months and months ago. I’ll make a point of getting to see it now…

  3. I love early dating when it’s going well. Yay for you. My partner and I saw a great movie last night, “Once.” For someone who is into music, I think you’ll love this. It’s a contemporary musical like “Garden State.” It’s a foreign film so no Hollywood ending but a very good movie with great music.

    Hope to hear about date #2.

  4. Glad to hear someones dating life is doing well.:)

  5. […] guy from my date not that long ago told me in no uncertain terms that he thought every person deserved to be a […]

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