concert two days ago!

December 6, 2007

It went well, considering. It’s a memory I’m not in full control of at this moment, but I do remember it being quite good, considering.

Well, considering what? I’m supposing you are wanting to ask.

Considering the amount of sleep I lost before hand. Considering the amount of stress I still have tied up in my shoulders.  Considering all the frustration I had to let go so I could smile at the kids and wish them good luck. Considering the dancing that went on on stage during the choirs’ performances. Considering how the students decided to point fingers at other people’s mistakes and not regard their own. Considering how it is over now, regardless of how well it went. Considering how it is now a matter of getting the high school concert in good condition for Sunday, and praying that the junior high can stay focused long enough for us to get something learned before Christmas.

In all honesty, the concert was good. They played well. I am grateful that they didn’t completely embarrass me.

Note: I tried to insinuate that they would embarrass themselves, but clearly, that part of the human brain was not included in this model of teenager.

I am glad it is over, and I am glad I only have a week and a half left until the break. I am also glad that it wasn’t a disaster, and can proudly say our group performed much better than the concert band, which is the “7th grade band,” as it were.

So, all in all, nothing exploded, and I have all my body parts, so I survived with only minor injuries. I’ll only get better from here on out.



  1. You are hilariou! I work with young people, too, and no they’re not embarrassed by their mistakes, but their quick to let you know when you embarrass them.

    I’ll be coming here for my daily dose of sanity and laughs. You keep it real. Do your thang, girl.


  2. “So, all in all, nothing exploded, and I have all my body parts, so I survived with only minor injuries. I’ll only get better from here on out.”

    That’s the spirit!!

  3. *hugs* Glad to hear it went well hun!

  4. Pride can heal itself with a couple of complements. love you glad you did well!!

  5. *gasps* You mean you survived without a scratch?

    I’d have to say it was a success 😉 Hopefully the next week and a half goes by just as fast!

  6. Yay for you! The concerts will just get better and better…so you have something to look forward to!

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