a toast 120307

December 3, 2007

So, with NaBloPoMo done and gone, I’ve suddenly had this rush of poetry enter the frame. This will be the third piece in a row here, but I figure a little poetry can’t hurt anyone, and it’s a good change of pace from the rambling I did all November long. I really can’t believe I got all the way through, and that it is really over. So soon! Anyway, enjoy this piece. I wrote it just this morning over breakfast.

Here is to the last half-bowl of cereal!
The final sliver of ham and the crust-ends of bread loaves!
A dribble of milk, a drop of chocolate syrup,
And all the casualty of the final slice of cheese!

Here is to the clinking of spoons against empty bowls,
The scrapping of fork on ceramic,
The scooping up of the last molecules of au jus to top it all off;
Licking the spatula.

Here is to standing long before the open, empty fridge,
The shrine of hope and hunger, most true (most true).
Here is to the dollar-burger, scavenged, thick with the juices that make it so cheap
Only to intolerantly expel it in moments.

Here is to long nights tossing on cold mattresses with no blankets,
Tap water with the tinge of rust,
Dry toilet bowls, absent phone dial tones,
And all the grandiosity of static, snow, and hissing.

Here is to the way it was before the paycheck.
Here is to how it goes mere moments before it is in hand.
Here is to every fifteenth day of the month since August!
I raise a toast, and use my finger to catch the final draught!



  1. i do really like this… i am hoping it is an exaggeration… but if not.. you are not alone.. i have been there many a time myself…..

  2. Itv seems like you are describing India in the end of the poem.

    So familiar for me!


    Here is to your poem!!

  3. I raise a toast? Wow dude. Lol.

  4. I love the celebratory tone of this piece. All the exclamations remind me of Ginsberg’s “Howl.”

    I also love that the piece starts out seeming light and purposefully silly and then things get really serious in the middle, where the heart of the poem is, before weaving back to those last two exclamations, which then take on a completely different tone than in the introduction.

    Nice work. This is a great piece.

  5. I love how you play with the perceptions of the reader a bit. This is a very clever poem with a lot of levels

  6. When I started out reading the poem I thought it was about enjoying every last bit of life, then i realized at the end your poem dealt with making ends meet, hunger, and trying to hang on till the next paycheck. I’ve been there for sure. Still, the narrator takes an optimistic view of life.

  7. You rock and we’ve just met, how do you know me already? As les Brown says, if there’s no chalk line around you, it’s a good day. I’ve known these days a few times in my life, but it’s all good. I’m breathing.

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