houses 120107

December 2, 2007

Cracked streets so dark the stars blink
Street lamps that abandon
Trees pushing up like hands
Trees blossoming like nuns
Trees leaning away from houses, reaching for sidewalks
Trees with spider webs
Trees full of doubt
Guardian trees protecting dust-laden banisters
Tangled jungles of dying green
Whistling bushes
Screaming cars
Quiet cars
Silent cars
Dead cars
Wrought-iron shadows leaning against walls
Motor oil crucifixes
Fingers tracing pipe ends where gas meters once hung
Houses with garages
Houses with carports
Houses with yards
Houses with no cars to speak of
Unleashed yard dogs
Yards where dogs once lazed
Gods riding bicycles
Red-shirted women rearing manes with hormones high
Diligently bowed heads reaching over fast-moving boots
Houses in bayou yards so long, hours past between shadow and bedroom lamp
Blinking Christmas lights
Staring Christmas lights
Warning Christmas lights
Lights that hung and swung in the faint shimmer of air
Wanton dog howls
Empty public parks
Broken street lamps
Laughing houses
Quiet houses
Silent houses
Dead houses
Churches with ever-comforting papal peak rooftops
Windows revealing dirty tables, cradled shoulders
Campers parked next to gas grills
Adobe walls calling for visitors
Brick constructs of warm light and couch cushions
Trucks working late nights at schools
Rows of closed-lid windows
Coffee shops
Convenience stores
Dark diners
Blank open signs


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