feeling ill

November 24, 2007

My stomach quakes. It’s one of those uneasy, tempestuous quakings that reminds me of the Goodfellas (you talkin’ to me?). I’m not hungry. Well, not really. I’m sorta hungry, but since I’ve not injested anything since that cup of hot chocolate three hours ago, and I’ve been up for almost five hours, this is surprising. What is not surprising is that I feel this way after almost spending my night hugging a toilet. I mean, damn, I get this new fancy bed with a mattress cover and an egg crate and a headboard and all the good it can muster, and I spend my first ride tossing and turning and hoping I don’t actually decide to remove my organs heave by heave.

So I glance at the door, and think of going and getting food. Then I think of all the food in my fridge, but thinking of food makes my stomach squirm, so I go back to the movie. I think about going for a walk, but think that I’ll end up buying food while I’m out, because what good is an outing without a tasty treat, like ice cream. Then I remember I have ice cream, and my stomach shakes its head furiously. I think about not spending money, but then I think I should get some medicine. My stomach considers even going outside away from the convenience and safety of my own bathroom, and it argues against going beyond the mailbox. I am inclined to agree.

I don’t get sick all that often. Actually, considering how I treat my body, its a surprise I don’t have serious gastro-intestinal failure on a regular basis. Granted, I’m really not that ill. I could be holed up in bed, gripping the sides for dear life, and clutching a trash can under one arm.

Should I blame Thanksgiving on this sudden turn? Mm…maybe.



  1. Just remember that you’re activating your core.

  2. I see no harm in blaming Tom the Turkey 🙂

  3. Oh, no! I’m SO sorry. There’s nothing that I hate more than vomit. You have my complete, sincere, and unsarcastic sympathy.

  4. @C: you’re right. I’m feeling better already.
    @K: good, then I will
    @chili: Thanks. I need all I can get.

  5. HOpe you feel better.

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