November 23, 2007

midnight to 8.30: toss and turn all night, dream about weird eight-sided objects and throw my back into spasms.
8.31: get the hell out of bed.
9.40: go to town for shopping.
10.05: realize my mom left her wallet thirty minutes away at grampa’s. Decide to not go back.
10.30: settle for the last remaining table set that my mom wants. Hope its not busted to hell.
10:45: go house-hunting with mom. Notice that the kennel she has been researching looks more like a junkyard/RV storage facility surrounded by trailer parks. Turn around
11.00:Find a nice place, but notice that all the cabinets that usually house cooking sheets have shelves in them. Leave.
11.10: point out that all the houses my mom wanted to look at are directly next to a cotton field and tell her this will mean her certain doom. She agrees.
11.11: back to shopping.
11.30: chase down food processor in home depot. See all of home depot in the process.
11.50: head to Bed Bath and Beyond, end up at Best Buy. Determine its all the B’s.
12.00: Actually head for Bed Bath and Beyond. Settle on a really nice comforter set that will turn my bedroom in to a boudoir. Note the 200 buck price tag, and lack of gift certificates. Decide to wait.
12.30: eat at Schlotsky’s. Ordered a large sandwich. My god. Still haven’t finished it.
1.15: got to mall. Scramble through Mervyn’s to find sweaters and fleeces to get the buy 1 get 2 free sale. Score mega huge.
1.50: mill around mall while mom goes to Dillard’s. Find nothing interesting.
2.30: get belt at JCPenney.
3.3o: pull back into grampa’s, start loading furniture (including a dresser, mirror, headboard, and queen size mattress set).
4.40: finish with that, say goodbyes, take leftovers, head for home.
5.00: wish I’d taken a nap
5.01: get tired of radio in friend’s borrowed truck.
6.15: arrive at home. Realize I left my house key at grampa’s, nearly two hours away, plus a time change. Scream a little.
6.20: manage to get hold of rental manager, agrees to lend me her key to my apartment.
6.50: arrive in C-town, wait for manager. Call friend who owns truck to ask him to help me unload the furniture since all the planned help opted for other things.
7.20: manager shows up. I get key.
7.23: Go to Wal-mart, make copies of key.
7.27: Drive by friend’s house, learn he has already gone to P-ville. Dammit.
7.27.30: realize I forgot to take original key back to rental manager
7.30: return key, drive hom
7.35: decide to fill up friend’s gas tank.
7.50: finish filling gas tank. Sigh.
8.20: arrive back at home.
8.30: finish unloading, trade keys back, say goodbye to friend.
9.00: finish putting together new shiny and sleepy bed. Yay.
9.10: go play Halo with friends
11:50: remember I have to post today, drive home like maniac.
What a goddamn day. I’m tired.



  1. What about cotton fields spell doom?

  2. OH! yeah, my mother is asthmatic like a mo-fo. Harvest time is killer.

  3. You my friend are brave. Black Friday shopping…ick! I’m dreading going out today.

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