November 15, 2007

Since I got this teaching gig, I’ve had to make some lifestyle changes. Most of these are insignificant, but when examined closely, they can have a profound affect.

For instance, take my keys. I used to use a compact binding of one simple key ring to hold all of my tools together: car, house, practice room, PO Box, mom’s place. It fit in my pocket, bothered me little, and it was always close on my person. I would go on extended trips to places I only visit once and I’d keep my keys on me. I’d feel naked without them.

Now? They exist in two bundles. One set is my car/house/mailbox key. The other is my building key/band hall key/high school building key/high school band hall key. Two bundles of cumbersome size, as my car key is now much large than before, and I have the keyless entry button thingie, as well as the oversized keys used for the schools. All of this is on a red belt clip, dangling from my front-right side. It is there, I can feel it, but not always. I often pat myself to re-find them, as I sometimes wonder if I’ve misplaced them.

My keys used to always end up on my dresser, or desk, or night stand: one particular place or another. Anymore, I toss them where they land. I’ve wondered how long it will take for me to forget where they are. Today was that day.

I locked myself out of my own apartment.

It was as simple as locking the knob, pulling it shut, and, damn, why didn’t I grab my keys. I call for a locksmith. He is kind, and offers to hurry as quick as he can. I call a friend, unable to keep from sharing my embarrassment. She laughs at me along with me.

Fortunately, the locksmith comes quickly (within fifteen minutes, easily, and that’s a record for me), and I’m back inside and paying him in no time.

On days when you think everything is falling apart, if you can laugh at yourself when you do something stupid, that’s a sign you aren’t really going crazy yet. At least I think so.



  1. Did I tell you about locking myself out of my car after a nap in Roswell? Ahh, that there sounds like an entry into the old memiors.

  2. And now the final scene of Robin Hood Men in Tights replays in my mind, “call the locksmith!”

  3. HAHA, that’s so great! I’ve had the same experience … I was madder than you know what when it happened, but looking back all you can do is laugh. http://tinyurl.com/2asxju as you can see from that photo, that’s my CHS lanyard sticking out. That was about a month or so ago?

    Bud, your definitely not going crazy. Take a deep breathe. Pay your 50 bucks for the locksmith and smile knowing it happens to the best of us 😉


  4. Haha! I locked myself out of my house this year on the second day of school.
    We bought this house last April and we have the kind of locks where the door always seems unlocked from the inside, even when it’s locked from the outside. I stepped into the garage just before leaving for work to fill up the dog’s bowl, and the door shut behind me. I didn’t have a cell phone or anything, and so I couldn’t call my husband for help or the school to tell them what was happening. I tried picking the lock with my husband’s tools, but that didn’t work. I went banging on neighbor’s doors hoping to use a phone, but no one answered as it was 6:30 in the morning and they were either sleeping or had left for work. Finally, our gardener showed up, and even though he doesn’t speak much English, I managed to get him to understand what was happening and he helped me break in! After almost an hour of being locked out, I was able to call the school to let them know I’d be late and by the time I got there, school had only been in session for about 5 mintues. Talk about luck! What a horrible start to a day, though. I feel for ya!

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