stopwatches 111407

November 14, 2007

These weren’t just car seats we climbed into,
No, we hoisted ourselves on steeds, black as pupils wet with joy,
the reflection of damsel-cloth napkins waving light around.
Tall mounts,
whole ranges
we slithered into, riding them across continents, banging out valleys;
Glaciers, too.
These weren’t simple automobiles, they were tanks, howitzer-mounted,
riding off into wars untold
to save peoples unlost
to make safe corners long secured in love and history.

and the road was not a straight line;
Look, how it twisted and turned, dipping severe, loosing mounds of rocks on loud passers
Look, how the undergrowth twisted around legs
Look, how the feet of the traveler are scarred from all sort of mayhem.
Look, how the hands are weary from gripping sharp crags to climb high
and weathering cascades of earth and beast.

and we were not only travelers
We were Lewis and Clark,
We were Marco Polo versus Elephants
We were Trail of Tears sympathizers,
walking the long road to recovery,
walking the long road back to where we came from.
We did not just move between places,
we erupted through times and spaces
Breaking open the hold of reality, shifting the time spheres.
We were the stopwatches.

And as we halted the sun in our homes, our dwellings, and let the hot rays of day burn marks where they stagnated on the same pencil-placed growth marks we’d left years before on the door frame,
We would vanish for what seemed like two hours or an instant
And reappear in a world polar. A world where time obeyed
once we arrived, not when we left
And came to be at rest.

We were not just time lords
Parading the world, stopping the sun at our whim
Beating down the paths marked by centuries of melt and freeze
Whipping the mountains into mobile units.
No, we were not mere travelers.
We were also children, river and woods to grandmother’s house.

One comment

  1. You always have nice rhythm but sometimes you get too mystical for me…but you know, it doesn’t always detract from me liking it.

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