November 12, 2007

The weekends have been sparsely populated with time these last two months. It’s either out of town football games that leave me drained, sudden trips to far off lands like southern New Mexico, or contests in various regions in the, uh, region. I think I’ve had one free weekend in two months, and it was taken over by a wedding.

Well, okay, not just any wedding. It was my grandfather’s wedding, but anyway…

This last weekend had me adjudicating (see below), and it also found me enjoying a very late night of DVD Clue with friends. That said, I feel like I barely got to see any of Sunday. I’ve been trying to revel in Sundays, but it can be difficult when there is still stuff to be done. This last weekend, I completely abandoned some things, like lesson plans and score study, which probably would have made this week vastly easier; that remains to be seen. I did however, cook. I love to cook.

I really do, I love to cook, but my attention span rivals most five-year-olds, so between nagging questions of “why (can’t I just snap my fingers and it all be wonderful and golden),” I tend to just eat out. However, my budget is kick my ass quite squarely under the tailbone and I’m feeling the sting. I go grocery shopping, I dig around in my new spanky Rachael Ray cookbook, and I start compiling creation.

Last weekend (or two weekends ago, I can’t rightly remember) it was Cayenne Chicken, Worchestershire Burgers, Fried Zucchini, Garlic Potatoes and Sauteed Onions. Yesterday is was Lemon-Thyme Chicken, Tomato and Spinach Soup, and Homemade Chili.

I’m awful proud of the chili. I feel almost rugged.


  1. Ha, rugged.

  2. You know why you feel “almost” rugged and not completely rugged? You my friend need a beard. Unless you already have one then I am just an ass 🙂


  3. YAY! Home cooking! If you ever need recipes, I’m your gal…

  4. I’ve got recipes for you too hun. Ya know I love to cook too, it’s a passion of mine. Crap, I shoulda put that in my Crazy Eights thing. Ah well!

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