hold musak

November 7, 2007

I occurred to me sometime this last week that the National Association for Music Education, or MENC (yeah, I don’t get the acronym either), should probably not have Musak for as hold music. Instead, you’d think there would be some rousing symphony or choral performance from top-rated music education institutions and public schools in the country. But nope. I was be-bopping on hold to the stylings of Phil Collins instrumental tracks.

It was like walking through a Dillard’s, or other similar department store. Vague reminiscences of songs I once knew, lyrics gone, Kenny G added. It’s like that recipe for brownies I ate once where the sugar was replaced with salt and the vanilla was replaced with vinegar. Tasted like spoiled playdoh.

On a not so similar note, I’ve joined a poetry collective of sorts. Read.Write.Poem. is a poetry project about to start. It’s going to happen soon, I hear. I’ve joined up. At least one of the people involved is the one doing My Gorgeous Somewhere (see links) who got me doing the whole American Sentences thing (see top right corner of blog). She’s pretty cool. I’m digging her.



  1. This is interesting to me. It’s obviously too early for me to think clearly, though, because I had a thought about another industry (or, perhaps, it was a company) whose business it is to do something but who doesn’t do it for itself, but I can’t access that information at the moment. Hmmm – maybe I should take up coffee?

  2. Deja Vu? I feel I’ve read this a day earlier!

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