poetry tag (same song, second verse…)

November 4, 2007

he sound shook his bones
like a cymbal
crashing fast against his soul,

a soul detached from mind and body,
shivering in the dark
and fearing the coming light.

He fled to a dingy back alley
and waited. A wind rushed
to meet him at the end
with that terrible sound wound through it,

and all he could do was wonder if he remembered to lock his front door,
or if his memories would be taken away with his sanity.

He crouched down, curling into his grief,
and all he could do was fight for water memories and gas-lit stoves still on,
and a cardboard castle, while insensitive queen
did battle for the pawn of man, within his fragile mind.

Shiver-shake went the light, coming from the mind and body. Memories wet.

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