November 2, 2007

Yesterday, I received the smallish piece of paper that verifies that I indeed did take education courses in college, and its gonna go right next to the not so smallish piece of paper saying I indeed went to college for five years. Today, however, the recording that validates my musical existence showed up in the mail.

Some of you might remember me going to Orlando this last summer for the Kappa Kappa Psi National Convention and the 2007 National Intercollegiate Band. Well, the recording came in the mail! As I look back on the three days involved in that experience, I have to chalk it up to the best time making music I’d had in quite a while. So many fun pieces of music. So much fun. So much fun.

It took me a second to realize what it was, but when I opened it up, my face cracked open wide with a grin that hasn’t exactly stopped yet, and I’ve been home now for an hour.

I pop it in, and start singing my part, start singing the songs, all of them, reliving each moment. I see myself sitting right there where I was on that stage. I see the conductor in my brain just like I did that weekend. I hear every little joke, every little spill of music. And the hall that rang for days on end. The hall that reverberated back the words you said at birth. I could go there now and still hear the remains of that concert swirling around between cells of fiber in the ceiling. It even shows on the recording, which makes my mouth hurt in the corners just a little.

Add all of this to the idea that all the work I put forth in college amounted to a so-so recording of my recital which I’m not exactly sure is the perfect representation of my musical achievement. Ironically enough, its the same recording I used to even audition for the National Intercollegiate Band in the first place. Huh. Fancy that.

So, in my hands and in my ears, the one weekend that seems to sum up why I trained as a musician. I’d almost say it is the culmination of such work, but that would a sad display for me, as the culmination of such things should come much later in life. I’ll settle for calling it a nice milestone in my life. And I’m sure as hell gonna show it off to my kids next week.


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