November 1, 2007

After five and a quarter years of arduous, belligerent work, I have received my Texas teaching certificate. Now, nearly four months after I started teaching in New Mexico, I am certified to teach in the state that I longed to escape.

Why did I long for escape? New Mexico is home to me. I feel more at ease here than I ever did in Texas. Granted, where I was living, the two states aren’t that different, but there is something about returning to native soil that make the blood run warmer, cleaner. Regardless of how much stress I’m under with school, something feels good about seeing New Mexico moons and feeling New Mexico winds. Something less arrogant, less self-imposing. Texas was imposing.

Why did I seek certification after I got this job? Well…know who’s if I’ll still be here in six months? I could just pick up and leave as soon as the school year ends, off to grad school, another job. Probably another job. It might be well worth the effort. It might be well worth the time to teach in Texas. Besides, as much as I don’t like the state, they do take care of their teachers pretty well, and the jobs there are numerous and fruitful. Texas is gaged, often as the state you go to to learn to teach music, and its bands and music programs are world-renowned. Simpler still, the environment of music is celebrated in Texas. That said, I’ve yet to get out of the state for long enough to know how people feel about Texas. Here in New Mexico, we ignore it, but not aggressively so.

Five years of work showed up in a little paper envelop today. It feels good. I haven’t decided if I should frame it yet or not. I wonder if I would hang it at school.

Next step: getting New Mexico certified. I wonder how many states I can get certified in…



  1. And this is how I feel about Germany and that I’m still living on foreign soil.

  2. I totally understand the sentiment of this post – I am a New England girl (more specifically, a SEACOAST New England girl) and I don’t think I’d ever be truly me anywhere else…

  3. New Mexico is home to me too. My dearest friends were made there.

    I say you should hang up the certification in your office. You worked hard for it, show it off ;).

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