halloween 2007

October 31, 2007

Today was, by far, not scary. Nor was it spooky, frightful, haunting, or any other of a hundred synonymous words. It has been fairly relaxed, laid back, full of laze, and quite relaxing (once the school day ended).

Two or three years ago, I would be sitting at home right now before a veritable bonfire of candles and incenses, burying my face in Tarot cards. And while I still might do that for fun, it doesn’t hold the same utterly somber significance it once had. As I take inventory on the last night of the Witches’ Wheel, I find that I have little faith in anything beyond my body and those things I can interact with physically and mentally, and perhaps even emotionally. Over time, Spirit in any form has moved itself from my life. I have lost touch with the Old Ones I used to worship dearly, and have lost the fanatical edge regarding so many thoughts I’ve held so dear all this time. Some thoughts I’ve abandoned altogether, like the thought of an afterlife.

So, on this night when the Veil Between Worlds is supposed to be thinnest, I will be watching movies. What movies you say? Why, Jesus Camp, I reply. Yes, nothing makes for a holy Pagan night like watching a film that makes you sick to your stomach at fanatical evangelical Christians. It’s probably even lightly sensational. And I’ll be polishing off a bag of Halloween Oreo’s, cause that’s how we celebrate this holiday in my family. Have ever since the glorious cookies ever came to be.

Tomorrow is the first day of NaBloPoMo, and I thought of making another post to hang up there in the event that I can’t get to the computer tomorrow, but that ain’t happening. Last year when I did this event, I had been blogging for a little over two weeks, gearing up for the whole shebang. Now, I’m not quite so shiny and new at this, so I’m not sure how its going to go. It’s been a bit since I really heavily blogged. Much has happened since then, of course, so its all rightly justified.

That said, be expecting a whole lot more of me, and, if I get my ass in gear, a whole lot more of me in other places too. Thinking of starting a second blog, just for fun.


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  1. I have a theory about religion which is a bit contradictory, and that is that, as we mature spiritually, we find we need “religion” less and less. We replace the worship of (insert object of worship here – Christ, “Old Ones,” whatever) with the recognition that we are ALL holy. As we start to truly integrate with the Universe, the need for focused worship becomes less and less.

    Just a thought.

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