things numbering ten

October 30, 2007

1. As I’m going through this little list of things I’ve found, I’m wondering about number 29: “If I were a Television Producer.” I would put together a whole post about this, and may still, but I’m thinking about why there aren’t serious gay characters on standard issue TV. Gay people are real too, people. Realize it.

2. I shouldn’t’ve had that brownie with ice cream that was oh so gooey and delicious.

3. Pagan Quill…Pagan Quill, Pagan Quill, Pagan Quill…

4. I have class in the morning.

5. I have class in the morning, oh my god.

6. I will not let junior high students tell me how to dress. Honestly, they have tried.

7. I like side projects, but I’m wondering if taking any of them on would be a good idea. Eh, why worry. Do cool stuff, have good fun, right?

8. Halloween is tomorrow, and the party is Friday! Hollah!

9. My grandfather is getting married this weekend. I understand the need to get on with your life, but sometimes, you need to let people grieve before you go making a lot of changes in things. Getting married is one thing; getting your whole family to instantly accept the new part of your life on a holiday is something else.

10. I hope I’m ready for this NaBloPoMo thing…



  1. Minky boodal Happy Halloween, Just let them know you could always dress worse right 😉

  2. Oh, no – NEVER let pre-teens tell you how to dress (or, really, anyone under the legal drinking age – and even that’s suspect).

    NaBloPoMo isn’t really that big a deal – there’s nothing that says you can stockpile a couple of posts, just in case. If you need a writing prompt, you know where to find me…

  3. PQ, PQ, PQ…

  4. Hmm, I shall have to try NaPloBloMo…er blarg, you know what I mean. These days I have more to write about but I need more than 24 hours to my day.

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