D to C in one point six days

October 4, 2007

It was the best weekend I’ve had in a long time. Nothing like a 5 hour drive to let you feel free to do as you wish, though I still wish I’d stopped at that fruit stand. Could have really gone for some cherry cider.

And that peach-pear-apricot smoothie I had while we wandered the aisles of the most amazing bookstore I’ve ever been in! There come a time in your life when you long for some relief for so long it digs down in your bones and won’t let go. That smoothie removed the virus of discontent in my body. It was a glorious concoction of fruit and juice, perfect in all ways except its ability to cease to be.

I’m very grateful C took me to that book store! She bought me really cool and cheap books. I’m talking cents. Cents! So many wonderful books there. Thousands, if not millions, of books on all subjects, and the larger sections were not just fiction! Whole cities of scholarly tomes rested on the shelves, waiting for perusal.

And the harvest carnival! Two words: maize maze! Two more words: Limbo man. Nothing like wandering aimlessly in a corn field, singing the Limbo song and creating imaginary serial killers that exist only in that time and place…for now. Who would have thought the old party song inspiring millions to bend over backwards could be the last horrifying thing you hear before you are torn asunder?

There are pictures for this trip, and I should have put something up about it sooner. However, it’s 7.14am, and I felt I owed someone a blog post. I’ll be putting up some pictures when I get home from work today. Or maybe tomorrow…whenever I can…I promise it will happen.

Thanks for the great weekend, C! You don’t know how much fun I had.



  1. Yep, I am awesome.

  2. Hehe, cherry cider? I didn’t know such a drink existed.

    Cool beans.

  3. Oh I miss wandering about in corn fields, that was years and years ago, PA days.

    I agree with K, never heard of cherry cider before. Should I see some sometime, I’ll try it.

  4. Oh my god! You guys are totally missing out! It’s a NM exclusive drink I can’t believe you lived here and never had any!

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