chemical spill update

October 4, 2007

At about 8.40 this morning, a chemical truck was overturned at the corner of 3rd and Kilgore in P-ville. The accident lead to the dispersal of two toxic chemicals: one released to the ground, infecting the nearby water supply; the other exploding into the sky, creating an invisible cloud of fumes that traveled over the high school. The school was placed on immediate lock-down status.

The P-ville High School Band, however, was outside during the initial accident, and the fume cloud that swamped every corner of the high school campus caught us unaware, contaminating all 90 students present on the rehearsal field the time. It was very sudden. Mrs. Head received a phone call instructing us to proceed to the gym lobby, where we would be assessed and treated as needed.

The unfortunate arose from the serene as we calmly waited for help to arrive. Several students complained about not being able to breath normally. A few even complained about itchy eyes, burning sensations, rashes. One student, Eddie Scicci, began to suffer very uncharacteristic seizures, completely dominating his body for nearly 3o minutes. Paramedics were able to get him help, but not before he completely passed out. Another student had a diabetic reaction to the chemical and was also incapacitated. The number of students with breathing problems increased, but were helped quickly. One unfortunate case cracked under the stress of the situation and claimed her body was revolting against her. She was escorted away quickly.

The decontamination team worked diligently to return us all the normal and, luckily, few had any severe reaction the airborne substance. However, of those that made it to the hospital, it was a downward spiral.

The girl with the diabetic reaction is still unconscious to my knowledge. Our prayers are with her. Another student remained conscious through progressing symptoms, but a fowl-up in the hospital personnel’s assessment of her severity of condition forced contamination on the entire facility. How that has been handled is unknown. We await news.

For the most part, P-ville has survived this drill. However, next time, it could be much worse. I advise those who read this to be cautious of the world around you. You never know when you might be a victim to something so simple and deadly. Your world turned upside down in an instant.

We still don’t know if the Smiths are allowing their cat back indoors.



  1. You scared the crap out of me.

  2. Man, my prayers go out to those still in the hospital from that.

  3. Thank God it wasn’t worse I am glad your ok.

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