Friday snack

September 27, 2007

How are you today?

I’m partly cloudy with a mix of rain dripping out my armpits. A high of about 85 degrees, dropping to the mid fifties later this evening. A thin blanket will keep out the frost, but prepare for a mostly chilly morning.

Name 3 television shows you watch on a regular basis.

I don’t watch TV for two reasons: One, I stopped watching TV when I learned it had little or no intellectual value (duh.), and two because I stopped paying for cable nearly two years ago. It’s just too expensive and there are so many more worthwhile things to do with your time. Not that I do those things, but you get the gist.

Now, if there were TV shows to watch, I’d probably go for some modern day approach to German life. It would seem that, since two of my dearest friends are quite Germanly oriented, I figure I might could bone up on it. And since I’m hoping to go to Germany this next summer, maybe I could pick up some language along the way. Other than that, I’d love to just watch a couple loony British shows.

What’s the scariest weather situation you’ve experienced?

I’ve not fared much scary weather, per se, but I’ve weathered some nastiness in my time. I can’t imagine…

You know what, that’s all I got. I was gonna bullshit my way through this cutesy little twister game of Friday Feast where I bumped the answers to my questions up two slots and still tried to make them work out, but that’s hard, and I don’t feel like do it any other way. So tough titty, said the kitty. Now, I’m going to finish my laundry and eat some bruschetta that isn’t here. Damn, I’m hungry.



  1. what a well thought out feast–what happened to the rest? Loved you appetizer–very clever.

  2. It sounds like you don’t want to play this game… like you are very unhappy with it and didn’t want to finish it. It makes me wonder why you even bothered. I hope things in your life get better and you become happier.

  3. I sleep in a real fur coat… every night. :o) No big secret. I admit I really don’t watch TV either. It’s on, but I sleep through most of it.

  4. Where is the main course and the dessert ? The world wants to know what you wear in bed !
    Crime stories made by the German TV are usually very good. Not the piff paff fights and guns fooling around or raw meat of body insides, no very psychological and far more intelectual. You even could improve your german !

  5. Hmm for brushing up your German skills try YouTubing Quiz Taxi. I realised I understood more German than I thought when I watched it. Sadly, it’s all based on American facts and such. Why do our game shows fall short of making us a lil’ more cultured?

  6. LOL on your app!

  7. Great feast…your appetizer made me laugh. Happy FF.

  8. I wonder if the next time I’m confronted by a group of GLBT I can just say I’m Germanly oriented and be on my way.

  9. I didn’t realize this was YOU! Other wise I would have stopped By sooner. Good luck in Germany 🙂 I’m so jealous!!!

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