ten things in the tank

September 25, 2007

that could also be considered thoughts.

1. Wow, this Blizzard is really good. I miss Dairy Queen!

2. Squee! I love Weregeek

3. I hope I survive again tomorrow. (As though I might explode or something.)

4. I wonder why C isn’t online. I think I’ll text her.

5. Will I ever catch up on over 100 hours of podcasts? *sigh* Sadly, probably not.

6. Oh goodie! C is going to be online!

7. I wonder if I can actually make this doublet thing in time for the Texas Renaissance Festival.

8. I solemnly swear, on threat of self-mutilation, to submit a letter to IDDFOS for episode 46.

9. How do they get the ink in microball pens?

10. Chili, will this “ten things” idea really catch on?



  1. ‘Bugs, I’ve been doing Ten Things Tuesday for what seems like forever now – I think I started it three (?) years ago. I LOVE having a theme day; I actually have three theme days now – I’ve got Ten Things Tuesday on my home blog, Grammar Wednesday on the teacher blog, and Civics on Saturday, which is a crossover that I post on both forums.

    My readers seem to look forward to Ten Things Tuesday (and I know for SURE that a bunch of ’em love Grammar Wednesday) so, to answer your question, yes – I think TTT will catch on…

  2. Can I start it on Wednesday, even though I’m killing the alliteration which I love so dearly?

  3. I will! And have! And have links!

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