makings of a madman

September 21, 2007

Whirling dervish.
Centrifugal water sprinkler.
Saw blade.
Tasmanian devil.
Bi-polar manic episode.
Meth fit.
Domesticated stroke patient.
Internal combustion fusion reactor core.

These are but a few of the images I acquire when I think about how I clean my house, office, workspace. I start fifteen things, finish three of them, somehow make progress, and only manage to sweat a lot. Tonight’s episode of similar incident left my desk, counter top, and boss’s work station mostly spotless. I have trashed hundreds of pieces of seemingly needless scraps under the auspice that, if it had been needed this badly, it wouldn’t be buried under mounds of often-used other things.

Shuffling through the mammoth pile of music left for someone to file away a near decade ago, I found a number of interesting selections, including “C’est Noel! (It’s Christmas!)” and “We’ve Only Just Begun,” which is probably close enough to the original crappy studio version of the same song that my mother might find it enjoyable. I, however, detest all things pop arrangement, but still fought off the urge to toss it along with myriad other crap items. One such thing might have been the “Scale Cards” I found, which are small 3×5 card stock sheets that contain all the major scales (a big part of a musical education) and a cartoon pirate-y parrot on the cover. If they weren’t nearly sixty years old, I might have tossed them, but my experience in archival work has taught me that nothing is not sacred in the face of historical references.

I scrubbed, I stacked, I hid, I folded, I moved, I trashed, I scraped, I divided, and I organized to my crazy little heart’s content, which now feels a bit unsatisfied, as I find I’m far from done. The light buzzing of my head after trashing a good handful of music told me, however, it was time to return home and find solace in either writing or reading. I’m staring at the clock and hoping for a bit of both before I completely keel over.

Morale: A Take 5 is the perfect dinner in a manic crisis, and there is nothing more satisfying that cleaning someone else’s desk for them.



  1. “my experience in archival work has taught me that nothing is not sacred in the face of historical references”

    Not particularly true. 😛

  2. I’ve been at my current school for five years and it took me until this past summer to finally take on the gargantuan task of cleaning out my music library, as well as an huge wooden cabinet also full of music and other crap. We had stuff like “Theme from Dallas” in there. It was scary. It took me three days straight, and lots of trips to the dumpster, but I finally weeded it all out. Good luck finishing!

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