her exposed belly 91107

September 12, 2007

Her exposed belly, full of vigor and life
held things on both sides of its thin, muscular barrier.
Inside that womb, the cantina of life, the bunker of creation
lived a child, exhaling its last few cell-growth moments
before its big debut.
A fidgeting monster-boy, one that would growl and howl
kick and scream, run and have wings made of
homemade lemon chicken and other tasty creations
A creation that would bear the weight of no woman or man
except when smothered in love and kisses
by a father and mother who loved even before
the stage lights were flung down.

Outside the fleshy concrete walls of being
knelt a man, head cocked in joy
To listen to the last remaining burps of mitosis
To listen to the unutterable coos of his son
To make sense of words that weren’t there
hoping to hear I love you’s between kicks and grunts
And finding each one.

The walls churned with life. Her belly flashed in the sun.
There were ripples there. Waves that crashed on shores.
Her taut stomach, burgeoning, bursting; so full.
She was water, and every pulse of care showed.
and every pulse of care reverbed.
She was water; she was an ocean.



  1. D, you seriously made me tear up while reading this. I LOVE it. Off it goes to John’s scrapbook. I’d even been looking for more poems to go in there, thank you very much!! *HUGS, HUGS, and more HUGS*


  2. So vibrant…does that make sense?

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